Antivirus or Not?

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How did I get a virus?..Antivirus or Not?

Many of my customers come into the shop with virus issues. The question of the day is Antivirus or Not? They find themselves unable to access the internet or may have a strange toolbar installed and have no idea how it they got it on their computer. Some even find themselves with a totally different home screen, when they are normally Google or MSN users. These are all signs that the computer has been compromised and you would need our assistance. Some viruses can infect a computer so badly that it is embedded in the program files and may cause your computer to be reloaded in order to get it to perform properly.

Expert Virus Removal

There are a lot of free antivirus programs out there such as Microsoft Essentials , AVAST and AVG just to name a few. First thing first, remember YGWYPF, a FREE program is better than nothing, but be aware of the differences in the 2 antivirus protection programs these companies offer. A paid antivirus program has auto detection enabled that a free version does not offer. If you were to go to a website that has vulnerabilities your paid antivirus will advise you of the threat immediately. Your free version will not do this as you must ask it to scan. So you may be going to websites that may have threats and do not know it until you scan with your free antivirus program. In the mean time that threat may have compromised your information or could have been already sending it to a third party.

Free antivirus protection offers NO telephone/email technical support. Obviously a paid program offers support to their customers. Paid antivirus programs can offer customers normally 1 and up to 3 licenses per year, this can be very effective for a small business with more than one PC to protect or parents with children on more than 1 device. Lastly the free version come with advertisements, as you install you may notice that barrage of free toolbars and other offers. Having antivirus software available is the best defense against a virus. Even if you know what you are downloading, it could still contain a virus. If you choose not to have antivirus software you run the risk of slower operations and performance as well as a circuit error or software problem in your system.