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Free Website Banner on TCG MarketplaceWhen speaking to my clients this question has been posed many times, Do my business really need a website? Yes your business need a website. And how much easier can it be than to get a FREE WEBSITE with SEO services. Even if you are Facebook marketing and your customers already know how to find you, there are potential customers searching the web to locate providers of services they are seeking or products they are interested in purchasing. Without a website this large group of potential customers are passing your business by and going to your competitors. Responsive Websites at TCG Marketplace

Most entrepreneurs want their businesses to grow and establishing an online presence is one of the easiest ways to do this. Simply put, if you are a business owner, you should have a website. This can be easier said than done because most entrepreneurs do not know where to start. Understanding the basics and getting the required level of professional help are good initial steps. TCG Marketplace is just where you need to come to get your business moving in the right direction.

From the beginning we want our clients to know that we are fully invested in the success of their business and we can accomplish this by offering a FREE WEBSITE with SEO services. A website designed specifically for your business purpose. Our overall goal would be create  a functional and customer friendly website that can be accessed by all screens from desktop to a mobile phone. What we offer our clients would be the opportunity to increase profits by building their online presence.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Design and Content Writing
  • Responsive Website
  • Mobile Site
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • QR Code (Customer Engagement)
  • Hosting

So my question to you as a business owner is simple….WHY ARE YOU IN BUSINESS? The answer to this question may vary from person to person most would respond profit while others may be in business to help others.  One fact remains, it is absolutely essential that a business in 2014 have a functioning website.  A functioning website enables your customers and or potential customers to have current information and access to your business services, products, promotions, and specials when they need it. Your website should receive traffic, create conversion and automate processes, and if you have a website and it’s not performing these necessary processes then it’s not functioning for your business. Your web presence can substantially grow your business, and help your business engage with your customers. The estimated number of consumers who access websites daily are astronomical and the number of consumers that are accessing these same sites from their mobile devices are growing exponentially every year. Becoming available to this growing customer base is the only way to increase visibility, increase your income and leverage your time.

We are focused on creating the best product for you, the client. We understand as a start up or an existing business you are successful when the customers are entering your establishment or purchasing your product. And this  can be achieved with a website designed specifically for your business in mind. We can help you create your brand. By creating your brand you become easily recognizable to your customers.

You have a website…Now what?

Your business website should generate organic traffic, create conversion either in sales, sales leads, email marketing whatever your targeted goal. As well as automate processes, these results come from SEO, Search Engine Optimization. This process is necessary to get the organic traffic your business seeks for potential customers.  It’s all about getting to the top listings of Google, Bing and Yahoo…Right? Absolutely! How many web pages do you entertain reading when you are searching Google? Exactly, the results Man thinking if need a websiteeveryone desire are on the first page and  as a business owner, why would you not want to be first?

When Google algorithms changed recently many businesses who have found themselves at the top of the rankings are now perplexed as to why they have lost their long standing Google positions. In previous years SEO companies all but promised business owners the world at hefty prices to get the SEO business. Those times are no longer and we are here to tell you to get the Google ranking and standings in the SEO world today, it is essential to have a functioning website with great content and a team that is knowledgeable in getting your business to the top. And that is what TCG Marketplace is here to help your business accomplish.

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